Making the Future Actionable

Saveri Consulting makes the future actionable for clients through research-based foresight, highly creative engagement experiences, visual maps, and forecast artifacts. With over 20 years experience in diverse organizational settings, Saveri partners with clients to create clear strategic pathways to transformation and resilience in this complex world.

Foresight – a variety of research methods and inquiry practices reveal early indicators of change and amplify the faint signals of new directions for opportunity.

Engagement Design – highly creative think/make/explore sessions are designed to provoke possibility, develop insight, and deepen understanding for action.

Speaking public speaking events invite large groups to see beyond traditional horizons, imagine new value propositions, and share opportunities.

Saveri Consulting recently released  The Future of Learning: Education in the Era of Partners in Code

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 3.15.59 PM

Over the next decade, our lives will become so inextricably linked with our digital companions that we will find ourselves living as partners in code, creating the next generation of human-digital co-evolution.

This forecast explores how five drivers of change intersect with three impact areas to create a new landscape of possibility for education. This is the fourth forecast of education that Saveri Consulting has created in partnership with The KnowledgeWorks Foundation.

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