Creating the Future of Learning

The KnowledgeWorks Foundation recently released its new 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning.  This is an important resource for anyone interested in the strategically thinking about transforming the public systems and structures to enable a new world of learning.

As Monica Martinez, VP for Education Strategy, writes, “the world calls not for better schools, but for entirely new kinds of learning environments.”

The forecast focuses on six disruptive drivers of change and their implications for new challenges and opportunities for re-imagining and recreating how we move from a world of “schooling” to a world of “learning”.  I had the privilege of collaborating with KWF on this forecast (and their 2006 forecast) as research director and continue to track these areas (in this blog and elsewhere).

In addition to the forecast itself, KWF offers ways to engage with the forecast material and to take action through various kinds of workshops, policy briefs, group presentations, and even tips for personal action.  This is a terrific resource that I’ll likely be referring to in future posts.

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