Cultivating a Long Now Mindset in Education

How might we envision education transformation when we take the long view and think in terms of centuries rather than in months and years typical in most educational planning and visioning?

About a year ago the KnowledgeWorks Foundation, the Long Now Foundation, and Saveri Consulting collaborated to explore this provocation with a diverse group of public and private K12 educators.

This short video captures the essence of our workshop and the educators’ views on how pace layer thinking can be liberating and help stretch the time horizon for considering meaningful transformation in education.

Over the course of the year we created four blog posts to share more detail and the biggest insights from our day long workshop:  Reframing Education for the Long Now.

As one of our participants summed it up, the pace layer framework is fundamentally a thinking tool of hope and possibility. By expanding perspective to the breadth of civilization and timeframe to include centuries, pathways for positive change become more abundant and visible.

How might we lengthen the now in education to create a more equitable, sustainable and life affirming system of education?